a brief hiatus :: knuckle-down, buckle-down…

by Eric Daryl Meyer

The absence of new words here may be conspicuous in the weeks to come. The deadline for my thesis is approaching and I need to simplify (and unbalance) life for a bit in order to get it finished. I trust that anyone persistent enough to find meaning and value in the thoughts that appear here from time to time will also be patient enough to wait for words to reappear.

Carolyn and I had a wonderful time with both of our families over the Christmas holiday in Colorado, and got some much needed rest. Neither of us touched a bit of work, perhaps the first time in a few years where we really took that kind of break.

When I return to blogging, I aim to finish writing a few more posts on Joshua 7 and the story of Achan, offer my thoughts on a few books, (Moltmann’s God in Creation, Neiman’s Evil in Modern Thought, and MacIntyre’s After Virtue), and ramble generally about the things that come to mind in my day to day experience.

As we approach Epiphany, may the light of God in Jesus Christ shine on, and through, your life.