manifold-option quiz :: political theology

by Eric Daryl Meyer

Here’s a question that I’m working through right now. I’m looking for some help from outside my own head. What is your gut reaction to the question below? If you don’t feel qualified to answer the question then you are exactly the person I’m looking for – give it your best shot. I don’t feel qualified to ask it – so if you don’t like the options provided, feel free to invent your own, combine mine, or do something else altogether.


What is the basis for a government’s authority? Why does it exist, what is it for?

A: Government is a necessity designed to control our selfishness and mutually impose boundaries on one another for the benefit of all. The basis of a government is the protection and provision of basic human rights to its citizens.

B: the authority of a government is constituted from above. Those who hold power do so by God’s will with the command to serve and tend creation. Those who exercise power at God’s command are likewise under God’s judgment. The basis of the government is the will of God for his creation.

C: there is no legitimate basis for governmental authority. Governments are run by people whose desire for power and ability to accumulate it outstrip the rest of us. The basis of government is the desire to impose one’s will upon others.

D: the authority of a government is constituted from below by an agreement of the people governed. People give power to the government in exchange for certain liberties, securities, and services. The basis of the government is the flourishing and prosperity of the people it governs.

What do you think?